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"Building Secure, Managed Networks One Relationship At A Time."

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About "ACE" Computer Consultants — Expertise & Integrity

We believe our clients should always have a competitive advantage in their marketplace. That means much more than being skilled experts in the latest technology; it means understanding how to make that technology work for clients in a better, more efficient, more cost-effective way. Some solutions are clear: virtualize clients’ IT so they have the most versatile, resilient operation around. Other, more intricate solutions come from forging a true integrity-driven partnership with the companies we serve.

We advise. We follow up and follow through. We ask the questions IT managers would rather avoid.

What’s really being backed up and how secure is it? … What hardware do you need in-house, and what can simply be done remotely?... Does your IT battle or complement the way you do business?

The result is a long-term working relationship that allows us to tailor IT to the customer’s best benefit.

Another part of being a good partner is providing the regular preventative medicine that keeps our clients from ever getting sick. That is to say, we keep downtime to the barest possible minimum by taking a relentlessly proactive approach to testing and 24-7 smart-monitoring. If your network is down, you can’t work. That’s why we make sure your systems stay healthy and operational. It’s also why we offer all-inclusive services and provide a single point of contact for all things IT. We want “ownership” of your network. We want to be the one you call and trust and expect to deliver top-notch services.

We want you focused on running your business — not consumed with running an IT department rife with complications.

About Douglas E. Olds — Chief Consultant

“My job is to explain to people that there are better ways to do their IT — that I can reduce their budget and give them tomorrow’s technology today. At this point, there’s no reason why IT services can’t work just like your electric bill. You turn on and off that light switch and only get charged for the amount you use. Computing costs can, and should, scale the same way.” — Douglas E. Olds

As a child, Doug always wanted to take things apart and look inside. He wanted to understand how they worked — and then he’d make them work better. Now, decades into his IT career and with a network operations center of more than 400 engineers, little has changed.

He’s still breaking things down and taking them apart. He’s still conceptualizing and recognizing what’s needed for something to work in a better way. It’s just now he’s knee-deep in networks and IT operations — virtualizing client systems and streamlining processes. He came up the motto, “Don’t replace it; ACE-IT” to communicate quickly all the “cloud-computing” possibilities he sees (and hopes to help others understand).

Doug sets the tone when it comes to the “ACE” commitment to being a service-oriented company. He understands that dealing with IT department personnel is often impossibly frustrating, so he offers positive alternatives. He spends time with his clients and aids them in making sound business decisions. He offers honest assessments and wants customers to be able to pick up the phone and get a hold of him anytime — day or night.

Doug keeps customer relationships as strong as possible, but ironically, clients rarely see him in person. “Clients pay me not to be there, says Doug. “If everything’s working well — if they never have to stop working — then I’m doing my job well.”

 Ready to have Doug and his team “ACE” your IT challenges? Have additional questions? Please contact us or call (toll free) 1-800-895-4223 today.

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